July 1, 1996

This picture was taken when I went to the Lake Biwa with my husband, Asakichi. Aren'n we swimming together amicably? That's me on the left. I look so effortless in swimming, but I was struggling. To tell the truth, I do not care of getting in the water. Asakichi was so brave that he would jump into the water even when our mom called us to come over to her. Because I am getting older and our mom is also getting older, she does not take me out for swimming of late. This is just fine with me.

@I am Hirame.
I went to Lake Biwa a few times as well. I do not care of riding in a car. I easily get motion sickness and feel so miserable. I even poop in the seat when I get motion sickness. The worst experience, you may say that. So my stomach is always empty, absolutely empty, when I ride a car. This causes me to feel so weak. Although I am getting accustomed to ride a car, I still get sick, vomit, and poop more often than I can bear. I am so ashamed!