10 June, 1996

Today, I would like to introduce my husband to you all. This picture was taken quite some time ago. His name is Asakichi. Isn't he adorable? But please don't copy this picture because he is all mine!
He was one year older than I. What a handsome guy he was! This picture was taken 12 years ago when I was only 4 months old. Having a future mate already chosen at childhood is not favorable, but he was absolutely an exception because he was so robust and handsome that I liked him right away.

I am rather quiet, but Asakichi was impetuous and gabby. What was more, he was oversensitive, touchy, and picky, but he did not nag me at all.
Instead, he was very sweet to me. You may say that he really loved me.
Five years ago, he unexpectedly passed away in the summer and went to heaven. I was very shocked with disbelief, and so I wept and wept at his sudden death.

Since Asakichi's untimely death, I have been single. I wonder if there is anyone who is more charming a widow than I.
Although Asakichi and I had no children to our disappointment, I do not feel so lonesome because I do have a lot of wonderful memories with him. (Sob...)
I hope that you will visit my homepage and listen to my story again. Iam really forgetful now, so when I remember, I will talk about some old stories. So long.

I am Hirame.

I am treated with less love in comparison to Sakura, and so there are not many pictures of me. Don't you think that this is so sad? However, I am taken for a walk every morning and evening nowadays and I have expensive preventive shots done at the animal hospital. I also get a treat called “Honekko”. So I cannot whine and ask too much any more (they used to take me for a walk only in the morning).

I know a dog in my neighbor that has never been taken for a walk. Don't you think that this dog is living in hell? I sympathize with this dog and my heart aches with pity for the dog. We dogs have thoughts and feeling for everything. I wonder if you human beings do understand how we dogs are!

If a dog has to suffer from this kind of treatment, being a stray dog may not be such a bad deal. I contemplate these matters now, as I am content with my life these days. I stop here with this story because I do not want you to get depressed.

It is getting more summery. I am not so anxious about the arrival of summer because there will be more thundering weather. I am not afraid of thunder itself, but I am frightened by lightning. When I was very small, there were neighborhood children around me that used to take delight in fireworks. Because of this, I am most scared of the smell of fireworks and their flashing light. If there is no thunder this year, I will be very, very happy. But I know that this is an impossible wish.
How depressed I feel when I think of lightning! When I think about this fear, I cannot even take a nap.

I think that other dogs feel the same way as I do about lightning. Oh, but Sakura is an exception. She seems to be fearless with anything. Well, let me stop here today. I hope that you will visit this homepage from time to time.

25 May