25 May, 1996

Hello, everybody.
My name is Sakura. I was born on the 8th of January in 1984. Although I am not that young any more, I still maintain a youthful look, don't I ?
Look at me in the picture, but don't be fooled by my look. I am stouthearted.
I go to the office of Ikkyu every day. It is exhausting, but I go there for lunch. That is what I look forward to every day. My duty in the office? More or less sleeping all day !

My favorite people: The owner of Kitchen Fujito who delivers our lunch.

My least favorite thing: Okamochi, a delivery container with lunch boxes inside, that Mr. Fujimori carries into the office. Clattering noise from this container frightens me so much.

I am Hirame. Why was I named Hirame? I do not know exactly how it really came about, but I was told that in Jarinko Chie, a popular comic story, there was a friend of Chie whose name was Hirame.

Originally I was a stray dog, so I do not know my real age. I think, however, that I am about 9 years old.

I guess that my age might be found in my medical records at Dr. "Hayashiya" hospital. Because I am very timid, I easily bark at people when they are in my sight. This annoys others so much that they keep me inside the house most of the time. Spending too much time inside certainly results in a lack of exercise, so I must have gained weight.
Now people in my neighborhood tell me how fat I am. I know I had better put myself on a diet, but the only joy I have now is eating.

10 June