July 25, 1996
This picture was taken around the time when I came to live with this family. According to my mom, my owner, I put myself into this pose whenever I do not get what I want in order to get pity from people around me. I do not remember it at all. Huh, did I really do that? Looking at this picture, I must say that I am adorable since I was small. By the way, don't you hate this hot weather these days? The retriever in my neighborhood refused to even take a walk. I do not enjoy my afternoon walk either in this heat. I beg to come home right away. Otherwise, I suffer from this summer heat. However, I spend most of the day in the air-conditioned room, so I am pretty sure that I am fine. Although I hear that too much air-condition is not good for health, I do not dare to pant and gasp for air, and drivel. This will surely destroy my beautiful image.

@I am Hirame.
Sakura-chan said that she was in the air-conditioned room. What is an air-condition? I have never heard this word. I wonder if I should talk about Sakura-chan. Sakura-chan appears so innocent and naive, and looks like such a frail lady, but she is not like that at all in person. What I am about to say is well known to only certain people who are very familiar with her, though. She walks up to any dog, no matter how big he is. I get scared at any big dog. The other day, the neighborhood retriever was wondering around in front of the house. Sakura-chan walked up to him, touched his nose with hers, and sniffed him. Before you knew it, she jumped up to his face and bit it. The retriever did not react to this attack. He just turned his back to her and left her as if nothing had happened. She was lucky. He is such a tender dog. If he were an aggressive dog, she would have been bitten by him so badly and injured very severely. I guess that she can be called a person who knows but little of the world. She believes that she is the best in the world. She is not like me, a stray dog, so she has never experienced any hardship in the streets. If you once become a stray dog, you fawn on other dogs just to survive. I never want to go back to that life.